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We are building the largest network of parcel delivery lockers in Greece. Our service allows customers to pick up their orders at their own convenience, fast and hassle-free. 

Host a BoxNow locker!

Increase your customer footfall and enhance your business status by placing a locker in front of your store! 


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Better Customer Satisfaction 


Increased Customer Traffic 


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Better Customer Satisfaction 

We provide our customers the most convenient way to pick up their parcels. Enhance your business status by providing an extra service to your customers and increase the overall satisfaction of visiting your stores. 

Increase Customer Traffic

Give your customers an extra reason to visit your store by installing a parcel delivery locker in front of your store. After receiving the parcel, consumers are likely to enter your store and make a purchase.

Support Green Initiatives

Hosting a locker has a positive environmental impact as last mile travel requirements are reduced by more than 80%. In addition, BoxNow lockers are 100% solar powered, they do not require electricity.

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A BoxNow locker only requires 1.5 square meters of your outdoor space. Specifically, its dimensions are: 0.7m x 2.2m x 2.2 m.

No, the BoxNow locker is completely independent from your store. It is solar powered and also includes a SIM card for wireless connection.

You only need to have privately owned space in front of your store to place the locker or to have a licence that allows you to place something in the space in front of your store. Fill out the contact form and a BoxNow representative will call you to provide all information necassary.

Yes! Hosting a BoxNow locker is completely free, we cover cost of installation and maintainance of the locker. We even pay rent for the square meter that we occupy.

Automated Parcel Machines are popular abroad. Stores that host a locker report increased customer traffic to their store, increase their revenues but also enhance the overall customer experience of their business.

Not at all! The pick-up process is simple. In case of any problems, no help is required from your staff, as we provide 24/7 customer service. 

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By submitting the form you consent to the processing of your data in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.