BoxNow: cutting edge of last mile delivery services

In contrast to the traditional way of delivery by courier, BoxNow offers the option of picking up the order from an Automatic Parcel Receiving Machine – a smart parcel picking machine that allows customers to pick up their orders easily and quickly. 

In particular, the customer follows the usual procedure, but at the end of the order he chooses as a means of delivery the option: “Delivery by BoxNow” and then the desired Automatic Parcel Receiving Machine that serves him. 

After completing the ordering process, the consumer receives an SMS with information about his order and a six-digit PIN Code. When the order is delivered to the selected Automatic Parcel Receiving Machine, the customer receives another SMS informing him that his order is ready to be collected. 

Then, the customer enters the PIN Code on the keyboard of the Automatic Parcel Receiving Machine, the corresponding box opens automatically and receives his order. 

Its package can remain in the box for 48 hours. Upon request, the customer can extend the duration for another 24 hours.