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BoxNow is the cutting edge of last mile delivery services. Our services offer freedom and control over the delivery process leading to fewer missed deliveries.

Why Box Now?

Our cooperation will not just enhance your business status in the Greek market, but also give you the possibility to  become part of the largest delivery network in the country.


Always Nearby


Long partnership


Increased sales


Additional service for customers

Strong business relationship

Our partnership will be based on mutual trust, openness, shared risk and shared rewards. 

As a result, our business performance will be greater than our competitors. It goes without saying that two companies working effectively together are the key factors to success.

We’d love to help you with your business shipping needs. Contact us today to get started!

Higher demand for your courier services

Our partnership will have a significant impact on your sales, thus profitability, since your services will be requested on a daily basis within Attica. However, we are planning to expand throughout Greece in the near future.

Provide your customers and an extra way to pick up their orders.

If your customer is unable to pick up a parcel (not at home), the parcel can be re-routed to the nearest BoxNow locker by you. This additional service will lead to fewer wasted journeys, less redeliveries, and a considerably lower number of customer service contacts. As a result, customer satisfaction will be higher than your competitors.

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Our vision is to build the largest and friendliest network of delivery parcel lockers in Europe.

It is an automated parcel machine which allow cutomers to pick up their orders easily and quickly. Instead of the traditional way of delivery via courier we provide the option of picking-up the order from a parcel delivery locker. 


Once its parcel have been delivered in the chosen parcel delivery locker, your customer receives an SMS informing them that the parcel is ready for pick up. Customer enters the PIN code on keyboard of parcel delivery locker, the correct mailbox opens automatically and customer picks-up its parcel. A parcel delivery locker consists of:


 ▫️ 42 Mailboxes of different dimensions

 ▫️ A keyboard (in which the user enters the code of his order)

 ▫️ Solar panels that allow the Automatic Machine to operate with 100% solar energy

We always want to make sure we are on time.

Nobody likes a late arrival when it comes to an expected shipment. 

This is why we would like to effectively operate from Monday to Saturday along with your help. By doing this, we can provide fast, and reliable delivery service every time.

▫️ Long-term partnership

▫️ Increased sales

▫️ Visibility of your brand on the national level

▫️ Be part of the largest network in the country

▫️ Increased conviencence for you and your customers

▫️ Provide one more extra service

▫️ Less customer’s complaints

▫️ Cooperation with ambitiosious company 

Yes, absolutely. As long as we want to promise on-time delivery to our customers, we gladly do it along with your courier services.

Yes, it is. However, there is a high intention to expand in the whole of Greece in the near future. Therefore, we are asking you to be part of the Box Now journey now!

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By submitting the form you consent to the processing of your data in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.