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We are building the largest network of parcel delivery lockers in Greece. Our service allows you to pick up you orders at you own convenience. Fast and hassle-free. 

Why Box Now?

BoxNow’s delivery service is the fastest on the market allowing customers to pick up their parcels in less than 24 hours, even during the weekend.


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24h delivery

We guarantee 24h delivery of your order, even on a Sunday!

Convenience 24/7

Picking up a parcel is a great experience. Our parcel delivery lockers allow you to pick up their orders in less than 24 hours at any time and day convenient for you (24/7). 

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Choosing to deliver your parcel in one of our lockers has positive environmental impact as last mile travel requirements are reduced by more than 80%. In addition, BoxNow lockers are 100% solar powered, they do not require electricity.

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It is an automated parcel machine which allow cutomers to pick up their orders easily and quickly. Instead of the traditional way of delivery via courier we provide the option of picking-up the order from a parcel delivery locker. 


Once its parcel have been delivered in the chosen parcel delivery locker, your customer receives an SMS informing them that the parcel is ready for pick up. Customer enters the PIN code on keyboard of parcel delivery locker, the correct mailbox opens automatically and customer picks-up its parcel. A parcel delivery locker consists of:


 ▫️ 42 Mailboxes of different dimensions

 ▫️ A keyboard (in which the user enters the code of his order)

 ▫️ Solar panels that allow the Automatic Machine to operate with 100% solar energy

Our biggest box fits a parcel is sized at: 36 x 45 x 62 cm and weights 20 kg.

Yes! Our parcel delivery lockers are accessible 24/7 from Monday to Sunday.

Yes of course! After you have contacted the E-shop, you can leave your parcel to the parcel delivery locker and its our responsibility to return it on E-shop.

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