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What is BoxNow?

We are building a new generation of delivery service, bringing you the largest network of parcel delivery lockers in Greece.


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Eco-friendly Solution

Always Nearby (500m / 5 minute walk)

Select a point nearby your home or work. We aim for 5 minutes reachability within a year for 90% of people living in Attica. Our parcel delivery lockers are planned to be located in residential areas and close to shops, public stations, gas stations and so on.

Convenient 24/7

All our pickup points are open 24/7 which allow customers to easily collect their parcels while taking a walk in the evening or on their way to see friends at the weekend.

You can pick up your parcels whenever you want in course of 48 hours. There is also a possibility to prolong to 72 hours per request.

Fast / 24h

We delivery the same day or next day in the morning, in general within 24 hours which brings super-fast delivery option. A product is purchased on Friday and it is delivered the next day early in the morning.

Green Solution

Our parcel delivery lockers are equipped with solar power cells, therefore we do not require electricity outlets. Our transport service is more efficient than general delivery services as we contribute to reducing the number traffic jams and thus to decreasing emissions. We can cover a lower amount of mileage to deliver parcels to parcel delivery lockers. Our delivery service supports environmentally sociable approaches.

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