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BoxNow is the cutting edge of last mile delivery services. Delivering online orders has never been so easy.

Use BoxNow as a delivery option at your E-shop!

Our services offer freedom and control over the delivery process leading to increased customer satisfaction.


Always Nearby


24h delivery


Fixed Delivery Charge


Higher customer satisfaction

24h delivery

We provide the fastest and most reliable delivery service on the market as we guarantee delivery to the locker within 24h. Moreover, our delivery system is the most convenient and preferred option by the majority of customers who can collect their orders, fast and hassle free, at any time. As a result, customer satisfaction increases making it more likely for the customer to shop again at your online shop.

Fixed Delivery Charge

The delivery charge is fixed. The maximum weight allowed is 20kg and maximum package dimensions are 36 x 45 x 62 cm. Deliveries are made 7 days a week.

Higher customer satisfaction

Picking up your parcel from a BoxNow locker is a great experience! Our parcel delivery locker’s allow E-shop customers to pick up their orders in less than 24 hours at any time convenient for them. No more waiting at home for a parcel to come and no more endless queues. It only takes 3 steps to pick up the order from the locker fast and hassle-free. Join us and enjoy higher amount of prepaid orders, fewer returns and most importantly increased overall customer satisfaction. 

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 ▫️ Fast delivery within 24 hours.

 ▫️ Customers # 1 preferred method.

 ▫️ Low returns (prepaid orders).

 ▫️ Increase by 20% of total value of customer’s basket as a result of next day delivery service.

 ▫️ Increased convenience for you and your customers.

 ▫️ No problems with courier collecting parcels.

 ▫️ Cooperation with an ambitious company (80% of e-commerce customers)

It is an automated parcel machine which allow cutomers to pick up their orders easily and quickly. Instead of the traditional way of delivery via courier we provide the option of picking-up the order from a parcel delivery locker. 


Once its parcel have been delivered in the chosen parcel delivery locker, your customer receives an SMS informing them that the parcel is ready for pick up. Customer enters the PIN code on keyboard of parcel delivery locker, the correct mailbox opens automatically and customer picks-up its parcel. A parcel delivery locker consists of:


 ▫️ 42 Mailboxes of different dimensions

 ▫️ A keyboard (in which the user enters the code of his order)

 ▫️ Solar panels that allow the Automatic Machine to operate with 100% solar energy


The customer puts an order with the option of the delivery, payment methods as well as placement of APMs available in the required area that is visible on the map provided by us on your website. 

The payment methods are only prepaid which contributes to minimum returns.


IT system communication

After the order is placed, your IT system communicates with us to develop a label which will be immediately sent to you. 


Putting a label into a box

Your team will put the unique label into the parcel. 


Box now takes control 

Box Now driver takes the parcel from your e-shop and delivers it to a locker selected by the customer.


Pick up information

The customer receives a message with a PIN code and other relevant information to collect a parcel.

 ▫️  36x45x62 cm are the largest dimensions of parcel are delivery lockers can accept.

 ▫️  20kg is the weight limit for all parcels.

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By submitting the form you consent to the processing of your data in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.