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Still struggling with failed home deliveries?

Offer alternative delivery solutions with Lockers and reduce costs!

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Redirection to locker service

Offer additional convenient solutions. Here your customer pre-selects 24/7 lockers as the preferred delivery method.

Failed deliveries solution

Another failed home delivery attempt? No problem, send the parcel to one of our lockers and save costs.

Deliver better in remote areas

Utilize BOX NOW lockers for areas that delivery is unprofitable while reducing delivery days for customers.

Mass shipments solution

Drivers shortage? or Warehouse overflow? Utilize BOX NOW fleet & Lockers instead.

Turn failed deliveries into profit

Optimize your costs by redirecting customer's parcels to the nearest BOX NOW Locker when home delivery fails. Additionally, offer lockers as an alternative pick-up method prior to scheduling a delivery. 

Utilize BOX NOW lockers for remote areas

We know it's hard to deliver parcels fast in remote areas within Attica. BOX NOW has a dense network of lockers in areas that you hate going. Utilize this network and improve your delivery times while cutting costs significantly.

Manage warehouse capacity

In case of warehouse overflow or drivers shortage, choose BOX NOW as a trusted business partner to tackle serious challenges. 

Questions & Answers

We choose Locker locations to fit in with day-to-day life so that customers don't have to adjust their schedule because of a parcel delivery.  They are usually placed outside supermarkets, parking areas, convenience stores and petrol stations.

The maximum parcel size that fits in a Locker is 36cm x 45cm x 60 cm with the weight limit to be at 20kg.

In general, we can accommodate three package's sizes: Small (H: 8 cm, W: 45 cm, L: 60 cm), Medium (H: 17 cm, W: 45 cm, L: 60 cm), Large (H: 36 cm, W: 45 cm, L: 60 cm)

BOX NOW Lockers shall be presented as any other available delivery option through courier's app or website. 

When home delivery attempt fails, courier company drops parcel to the nearest BOX NOW Locker. For this to be implemented, BOX NOW map widget is integrated in courier's internal app in order for driver to easily find the nearest locker. After that, BOX NOW notifies end-customer via email and SMS that due to a failed home delivery attempt, his parcel is ready for 24/7 pickup from his nearest locker.