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In order to provide the best customer experience services, we have created new pages and communication channels!
Firstly, the revamped FAQ page covers a wide range of topics to effectively address your enquiries. In addition, you can navigate at track your parcel page and find your delivery status in just few seconds.
Moreover, beyond our call center, you can easily and directly contact us in the following ways:
- For any problem you face with your package, send an email to [email protected] stating your name, phone number and voucher ID
- For any matter of new collaboration, locker placement, job vacancy and advertising, just fill out the contact form below
We are committed to even more services that will upgrade your experience with BOX NOW!

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Hot topics

How to send a parcel?

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For shipments across Greece, we recommend a maximum weight of 20kg and for shipments to Cyprus, the maximum allowed weight is 4 kg.

Strictly prohibited and excluded from the transport, Products or devices that contain batteries to operate, sprays or any gas under pressure.

Shipments & Deliveries

BOX NOW will send you a text message with a 6-digit PIN once your parcel is at the selected BOX NOW Locker.

By typing this PIN to the locker's keypad a door will open so you can collect your parcel.

Don't worry, it's probably because the e-shop has not yet prepared your order.

BOX NOW delivers within 24 hours by the time the merchant has finished processing your order.

Our goal is to be accurate in the delivery time of each of your orders!

When the Locker you have chosen is full at the time of delivery, we move it to the closest Locker, so that there is no delay in receiving your parcel.

I have a problem with my parcel

You can contact us at [email protected], providing your full name, telephone number, and voucher ID.

BOX NOW delivers the next working day from the moment it receives the parcel. You can track the progress of your parcel here

You can contact us at[email protected], providing your full name, telephone number, voucher ID, and attach some photos showing the condition of the parce so that we can start the appropriate actions.

Mobile app

Download BOX NOW Mobile App for iOs and Android

You can send, collect, return, and track all your parcels!

Through the application, you can track all the parcels you are waiting to receive and correspondingly those you have sent.

I have e-shop

Wether your site is implemented through a platform or custom-made, you can visit here to see all the ways to integrate.

You can contact the sales department at [email protected]

Yes can send parcels on your own. If you don't have an online store or there's no possibility for integration through a platform,but you still want to connect to BOX NOW, click here to learn how it works.


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