How do I prepare the parcel for shipment? The ultimate guide!

Did you know that you can send your parcel from locker to locker nationwide in 2.000+ lockers and over 70,000 compartments? The steps are simple!!

Where do I fill out the shipping form?

Clicking HERE will open the parcel shipping form, which we will need you to fill in the following information.

    • Parcel size

    • Sender details

    • Recipient details

Then you choose the locker you want us to send your parcel to, and after everything is filled in correctly, you proceed to the last step of payment. So simple! You will then receive a confirmation email.

How do I find the shipping label for my parcel?

Along with the confirmation email, we attach the shipping label with the shipping number.

The best part is that you have two options to continue.

    1. You can simply write with a marker the tracking number legibly on the largest flat surface of your package

    2. You can print the shipping label and stick it on the largest flat surface of your package or

You decide which way to go. Whatever you choose, we will gladly take care of sending your parcel.

My parcel is ready to ship. And now what do I do?

You have everything ready to send and you have your parcel in hand. The next step is to leave the parcel at whichever BOX NOW locker serves you best. Don't know where there are lockers near you? No problem! Go HERE and find the map with the 2000+ BOX NOW lockers nationwide, with one of them in your neighborhood.

Good, I left my parcel. How do I know it will reach its destination?

As soon as the parcel is delivered to the BOX NOW locker you selected in the initial steps, the recipient will receive an informative email and SMS on their mobile phone, with the unique code that will open the BOX NOW locker to receive their parcel. You can track your parcel HERE!

In other words, what are the steps I follow to send a parcel?

    • Complete the form online with the details of the sender and recipient

    • Complete payment

    • Print the shipping label from the confirmation email and stick it on the largest flat surface of your parcel.

    • If you don't have a printer, write the parcel number clearly on the package with a marker

    • Leave your parcel at the nearest locker and we will take care of the rest

For any question you have, you can contact us at 2111005304 or at