How to wrap a parcel? 

To protect the content of your shipment:

    • Choose the appropriate package size that ensures the integrity of your parcel (box, corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap)

    • Fragile items must be wrapped with protective materials (aeroplast, styrofoam, cardboard) before being placed in the package.

       It is good that they are placed in the middle of the package and not in contact with its sides.

    • Wrap each item individually as this will provide better protection during transport and reduce the risk of the contents damaging

       other items in the box.

    • If your package carries heavy objects, it should have a triple wall

    • Use special materials to avoid vibrations, so that the contents of your package do not move.

    • Make sure liquids are in leak-proof containers, sealed in a plastic bag. Tip. Tightly seal the lids of containers containing liquids.

    • To ship electronic devices, use the factory packaging

    • Wrap CDs and DVDs in protective material or pack them in their case

    • Remember that bad packaging can damage the rest of the items included in your shipment

    • An impressive package is not necessarily the right one. That's why make sure to repackage a gift you want to send.

    • Use packing tape to seal your parcel. Seal well along all edges and openings

Don't forget to print the shipping label. And if you don't have a printer, write the parcel number on the package legibly with a marker!

What to avoid in your shipments:

    • The "Fragile" and "Caution" labels are in no way a substitute for proper packaging but are for informational purposes only.

    • Do not use cloth or canvas bags or sacks.

    • Avoid reusing boxes that may have lost their strength. If you do, make sure the box is undamaged and remove all labels and 

      stickers from previous shipments.