How can I send a parcel from home in an easy, fast, and affordable way?

You have lived endless hours in the queues of courier companies. And all this just to send a parcel or a gift to your loved ones. And you always wondered if you made the right choice.. will it be affordable, will it arrive quickly?

BOX NOW parcel delivery from locker to locker is here to offer you the security you want.

How can I prepare to send a parcel from the couch of my home?

  Forget the queues! The steps are simple!

    • Enter HERE, choose a parcel size (small, medium, large) based on its dimensions.

    • Fill in the details of the sender and recipient

    • Choose the locker where the recipient will receive his parcel

    • Complete the online payment

    • Print the shipping label and stick it on the largest surface of the package. If you don't have a printer, it doesn't matter, 

       write the parcel number clearly with a marker.

    • Find HERE the BOX NOW locker that suits you and place your parcel, whenever you want and whenever you want. We take care of the rest!

Are you ready?

Send your first parcel with BOX NOW today!!

How can i track the progress of my parcel?

As soon as the parcel is delivered to the BOX NOW locker you selected in the initial steps, the recipient will receive an informative email and SMS on their mobile phone, with the unique code that will open the BOX NOW locker to receive their parcel. You can track your parcel HERE!

Is my parcel safe with BOX NOW lockers?

BOX NOW Lockers weigh around 1 ton and their strong construction makes it nearly impossible to break into. Our security systems are immediately alerted in the event of unusual events or damage. Lockers are fully automated, and their lockers can only be accessed via codes sent directly to the recipient.

For any question you have, you can contact us at 2111005304 or at